Owner and Designer Iris Hopkins

IMHSWIM is an online lifestyle brand that makes custom made swimsuits and apparel for the traveler. IMHSWIM came to existence in 2010 unintentionally. I was headed on a girls trip to Miami and I couldn't find anything that suited me without looking extremely young. So I decided to make not only my swimsuits but everything in my suitcase. At that time swimsuits looked nothing like mine. From that trip the rest was history.

For a couple of years I started out very slow with absolutely no intention to sell anything. Then there became a demand. Since then IMHSWIM has literally traveled the world. Taking orders, answering inquiries and sewing during my free time. I make custom suits for the Passport stamper, Travelnoire Elite and jet setters. Everything I make is something that I would wear. It's pretty much my ideal suitcase packed for vacation every time I look at my pieces. I love colors and a good cut that's hitting in the right places. I don't use prints, just solids. My idea of a good suit is that one that you rock poolside at a Le Bain pool party in Manhattan to a vacation resort in Cancun. You should be able to go for drinks on Ocean Drive and then grab your jumpsuit to handle business in the lobby of the Fountainbleau.

There's no pressure with IMHSWIM, it just is. Fun, lots of sexy, vibrant, and unique.

Contact Information

For Inquiries: info@imhswim.com

For Orders: orders@imhswim.com